2015 Review & Looking Ahead

2015 is nearly two weeks behind us and 2016 is in full swing! I thought I’d take some time to reflect on how 2015 went and where I want to be in 2016. I think reflection is always a good thing and the new year is the perfect time to analyze your goals, realize what’s working and what’s not, and make an action plan.

2015 – Year Of The Beast

2015 review picIf you’ve followed along in our Facebook group or follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that this past year has looked a little different for me as far as workouts go. It all started in 2014, right after the Beachbody Classic. At that time, one Coach put out a challenge to himself to commit to a year of Body Beast and enter the Beachbody Classic the following year. It wasn’t supposed to be a huge thing, but the idea took off like a rocket. Just like that we had I believe around 200 people who committed to doing the same. I was really hesitant at first because I didn’t know if I really wanted to do one workout program for a whole year, but it just felt like an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Boy am I glad I joined! Of course not everyone stuck with us for the whole year, but the people that were committed were truly inspiring, and I explored areas of fitness that I hadn’t for a long time. Mainly; powerlifting. About 6 months into our Year Of The Beast challenge, we decided to have a fun competition. Many people st
arted incorporating barbell work where appropriate in the Body Beast workouts, so we were all getting stronger and wanted to test ourselves. We broke it up between experienced lifters and new-comers and then had three weight classes. I didn’t win my weight class, but I gave it a good effort and it gave me some goals to shoot for. I was the first person to pull 500 LBs on my deadlift, so that was one thing I was proud of from that competition.

We decided to hold another competition in 3-4 months and keep working at getting stronger. So while incorporating the Body Beast workouts or moves, I focused more on powerlifting. From having one leg day a week to squatting 3x and deadlifting 2x a week was a big change! But I continually worked on my form, built up my endurance and continued improving. I’ve really enjoyed incorporating powerlifting into my routine and think it is something that will be here to stay.

The Downside of Powerlifting

While getting stronger and bigger is always fun, I wasn’t as focused on my nutrition as I would have liked. I more or less followed the EWIW plan, or Eat Whatever I Want, lol. Trying to get stronger coupled with a very busy day-job and photography business, plus the Coaching I do here, gave me excuses to slack on meal prep and healthier eating. I know they’re excuses, and I realize I should have done a better job. But thankfully that’s in the past now. My big 3 totaled over 1100 LBs, but I ended 2015 weighing in at 236 LBs. Not exactly where I wanted to be. I’ve definitely added a lot of muscle, but there’s more fat there than I’d like.

2016 – New Year, New Focus, New Addition

20160104_071707The good news is that I have a plan to get my body back to where I want it to be! I’m taking on Hammer & Chisel with a big Challenge Group and I’m following the portion control system to a T. Sometimes a new, fresh workout program is all it takes to help me refocus. And so far so good. I’ve really enjoyed the change-up in routine and I actually find the container system, originally seen in the 21 Day Fix, super easy to follow. I’m eating plenty of food, while still losing fat and weight in general and I’m feeling GREAT! I have a lot of energy and honestly just feel really good.

One thing that has helped me really get in the zone is to have a meaningful “why” behind this. I know some of you are in the know, but we are expecting our first baby in March! We couldn’t be more excited, and it gives me some serious motivation to continue to build my healthy habits as we wait for Baby M to get here. I know we’ll have to find a new routine and will be getting less sleep than we are now, and that’s why setting up these good habits is more important than ever. I’m ecstatic to be a dad and want to be as healthy as I can be for my family.  It may seem kind of odd, but I even have a pair of jeans that I want to fit into, lol!  So that’s some extra motivation as well.

So that’s my update! I’m laser focused right now and can feel the momentum building. I really hope you’re making the best of the new year and I would love for you to join me on my journey to build healthy habits in 2016!

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