14 Day Clean Eating Challenge

14 day clean eating challengeAre you struggling to nail your nutrition?  Do you find yourself snacking mindlessly?  Does it seem like it’s nearly impossible to stick to your plan because you get all sorts of cravings and just end up giving in?  Believe me, I’ve been there.  I know it can be incredibly tough to stick to a nutrition plan.  I know there are times of the day when I just want to eat and eat.  And it’s been frustrating for me a times to not see the results I want from my workouts because I’m not eating right.

I’m sure you probably know what I’m talking about.  I think everyone goes through times like that.  Life gets busy or stressful, or you just lose focus on your goals.  One thing I’ve found that really helps me is to have a short term goal and a group to help motivate me and keep me accountable.  I’ve done clean eating challenges in the past and have really enjoyed them, so I think it’s time to run one again.

The 14 Day Clean Eating Challenge Details

This time will be a little different though.  I plan on coming up with a 14 day clean eating challenge meal plan.  It’s a meal plan that I will follow to a T and will offer it to anyone else who wants to join in the challenge.  Now I know people have food allergies, different tastes, etc.  So it’s absolutely something you can modify.  But I want to at least give you a jumping off point so you have something to work with.  Plus if you do plan on following it like I do, you can be confident that it will help you reach your goals.

I’ll be creating a private group on Facebook, so that we can all check in with each other and make sure we’re staying on track.  I’ve found that it’s the best forum to hold these types of challenges.  The planned start date is Monday, March 24th.  So that should give you plenty of time to get organized and prepared to rock this challenge!

If you want to join us, just email me at newbodycoachtom@gmail.com, leave a comment here on the blog or message me on Facebook.


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