1 M.R. Review

1 m.r. reviewIn the past I haven’t been huge on pre-workout supplements, but I know a lot of you out there do like them.  And that’s totally understandable especially if you’ve got kids, work long hours, etc. and just need a little boost to get your workout in.  So I decided to pick a tub of 1 M.R. up a few weeks ago to give a try and wanted to fill you in on my 1 M.R. Review.

The reason I chose 1 M.R. was because I have read quite a few 1 M.R. reviews and I have really only read good things.  It seems like everyone who tries it really likes it.  For many people it’s their pre-workout of choice.  So I wanted to see if it would live up to the hype.  I wanted to see if it would really give me 1 more rep (1 M.R.).

1 M.R. Review – Noticeable Effects

My problem with some other pre-workouts is that I haven’t really felt anything from a few of them.  But every 1 M.R. review I read would rave about the energy boost they would get.  And I have to agree with those reviews out there.  Probably 15-20 minutes after taking it I would really start to feel it kick in.  The effects that I noticed were:

a boost of energy
increased stamina
mental focus 

It’s somewhat hard to describe, but I truly was more focused to start the workout than if I hadn’t used it.  So I definitely wouldn’t recommend taking it and then skipping your workout.  To me it felt like I really needed to workout because I had the energy and focus to do so.  The other thing that I was very impressed with was the boost in stamina.  One thing that has always frustrated me is that I really struggle at the end of workouts to keep my reps up.  I just lose steam and I get to muscle failure really quick.  1 M.R. definitely helped me out in this category as I saw my weight and rep numbers go up on most moves even with just the first try.  So I would absolutely agree with the other 1 M.R. reviews out there and say that it lives up to the hype.

1 M.R. Review – Cost

Cost is always an issue when talking about supplements.  I can’t stress it enough, if it’s not in your budget then don’t buy it!  I want you to be smart with your money.  Pre-workouts, in my opinion, are something that you don’t really need and are not on my essential supplement list.  For a majority of the past year and a half I have not used a pre-workout and I have had great results.  So by no means do you need to use pre-workouts.  But if you are, the cost is certainly important, and that was something I noted in the 1 M.R. reviews I had read previously.  From a pre-workout perspective, I actually think it’s a really good deal.  I got my tub for around $30 and the tub has 30 servings.  The great thing for me, is that I don’t need to use a full scoop because that gets me a little too jacked up.  I don’t need quite that much energy.  So I use 1/2 to 3/4 of a scoop and notice a big difference already.  So that helps pro-long the tub big time.  And I really only use it on intense lifting days, so that’s 3-4 times a week.  So I could easily make the tub last for 10-12 weeks, making this a great deal.  So if you’re looking for a potent pre-workout that isn’t too pricey, this is a good one.

If you’re considering pre-workouts I would definitely give 1 M.R. a try, as it has worked very well for me.  I hope my 1 M.R. review has been helpful, and if you have other questions feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message!

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